North Ridge Burial Association - HISTORY

The North Ridge Burial Association, located on Church Rd., in Cambria, NY, was established in 1844, under the name of The North Ridge Burying Ground.  Officers elected were: T.M. Culver, President, and T.S. Elton, Clerk.

The Association, originally owned just a small plot.  At the present time, the Association owns 35 acres, 15 of which have been developed. One section of the cemetery has been set aside for surface markers only.  

One of the oldest officers was Burt N. Lafler.  Mr. Lafler was elected President, in 1904, and remained in that capacity until 1906, when he was elected Secretary, a position in which he held for over 40 years.  

The North Ridge Burying Ground was re-organized on March 10, 1934, and was re-named as The North Ridge Burial Association.  

The North Ridge Burial Association, one of the oldest organizations in this vincinty, celebrates over 150 years.